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Historical Society of Glastonbury

History Happened Here

The Historical Society of Glastonbury preserves, interprets and educates in order to promote and share the ever evolving history of Glastonbury to connect our community with our present and our past.

Our mission is to promote community activity and interest in Glastonbury’s heritage through publications, exhibits and programs and shall acquire, maintain and preserve historical properties and materials for education and research.

Visit Our Historic Sites

Welles-Shipman-Ward Property

The 1755 River Valley Mansion has been preserved in its original colonial style and has one of the largest colonial era hearth fireplaces in Connecticut.

Museum On The Green

Museum exhibits cover the town’s history from the First Peoples who resided here, the Wangunk people, through the arrival of the Colonists, 19th Century Immigration from European Countries, through the history of the mid-20th Century.

Welles-Chapman Tavern

Joseph Welles was a well-known colonial era tavern owner. He built his home on the Country Road (Main Street) and in 1796, he was granted a license to operate a tavern there.

Become Involved

The Historical Society of Glastonbury relies on donors and members to provide operating support so that we may continue to highlight the history, people, events, and important buildings and businesses that make up the diverse history of Glastonbury. We do this by adding to our collection, repairing and maintaining our historic buildings, and offering programs and events that present our history in an interesting and informative manner to residents and guests.

See What We’ve Been Up To

THE Tag Sale will be collecting donations soon!

Our annual takeover of the Welles-Shipman-Ward property on September 27-29  is being planned now, and we will begin collecting your gently used items in August.  We welcome donations of vintage …

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Glastonbury Men Who Served
in The Revolutionary War

In colonial times, all able-bodied freemen between the ages of 16 and 60 were required to train with their town’s militia. These men were part-time, non-professional fighters who had to provide their own weapons when they trained and their own clothing and food if they were away.  

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Preserving Glastonbury’s Legacy

The Historical Society of Glastonbury was formed in 1938 to preserve the Gideon Welles home and it quickly became our mission to preserve and protect the important historical legacy of Glastonbury. In the years since we were formed in 1938, we have established five National Registered Historic Districts and one Local Historic District.

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Another stunning dress on display from our collection.  Hurry in and see them before they are banished back to the closet!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10-4 @ the Museum on the Green. 

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Looking for a COOL diversion?
Head on down to the Museum on the Green at the corner of Hubbard and Main...

Our Curator and her amazing helpers have put together a display of victorian dresses that have been hidden away for over 50 YEARS.

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The other end of Cotton Hollow is TOO crowded.
Historical Summertime Fun Awaits . . .