As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations from our generous members, fundraisers, grants, bequests and memorial donations, and membership dues from individuals, families, and businesses.  We truly appreciate all of the support we receive.

Your donation, in any amount, helps us to preserve the iconic, unique, and storied history of Glastonbury and to provide vibrant, interactive educational events and exhibits that tell the story of our town from the original settlers, the Wangunk people, the colonial era, the industrial age, immigration and the 20th-century transition from a farm town to a suburb and the lives of all the people who resided here.  We are grateful to all of our supporters!

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The Historical Society of Glastonbury offers many levels of membership for individuals, families, seniors, and businesses.


We rely on and always appreciate our dedicated volunteers.  All volunteers are trained by our education staff and given support until they feel comfortable on their own.


Your donations in any amount help support our mission to preserve, protect, and educate our members and visitors on the important history of our town.