About Us

Who We Are

The Historical Society of Glastonbury was founded more than 85 years ago by a group of Glastonbury residents who were passionate about preserving and protecting the historical homes that Glastonbury is so well-known for.

Their first task was to purchase and then move the Gideon Welles home to its current location. They then had the home placed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings.

From that beginning, the Historical Society of Glastonbury has continued to collect and preserve the Town’s past and to display it in our Museum on the Green, at the corner of Main and Hubbard Streets in Glastonbury and at the Welles-Shipman-Ward property in South Glastonbury.

We welcome members and visitors alike to our events and educational opportunities.

Mission Statement

The Historical Society of Glastonbury shall promote community activity and interest in Glastonbury’s heritage through publications, exhibits and programs and shall acquire, maintain and preserve historical properties and materials for education and research.

Vision Statement

The Historical Society of Glastonbury works to preserve, interpret and share the ever-evolving history of our town in order to connect our community and our visitors with our present and our past.

Genealogical and Architectural Research

Our librarian is happy to discuss your specific genealogical, family history, or architectural research requests with you.

Our library collection includes information about many of Glastonbury’s colonial families, the town’s incredible collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th-century homes, and Glastonbury businesses and industries. We do offer services to research specific historic homes for a fee of $200, which will include a complete report on the history of the property.

Please contact our librarian directly with your specific inquiries or to arrange a time to meet with her. We look forward to helping you with your research! We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Staff

Robert Laughlin
Executive Director
Phyllis Reed
Librarian and Genealogist
Donna Henrikson
Diane Hoover
Education Director

Board Officers

President: Julie Thompson
Vice President: Maura Paulekas
Treasurer: Katy Pfeffer
Secretary: Sarah Pettengill
Past President: Donna Henrikson

Board of Directors

Jim Hallas

Jim Melzen

Tom Monaghan

Emily Purtill

Committee Chairs

Community Liason: Debby Duch
Education: Anne P. O’Connor, Susan Motycka, and Julie Thompson
Membership: Sue Marchinetti
Publications: Mike Berdan
Preservation: Steve Bielitz
Publicity: Diane Hoover and Julie Thompson
Social Media: Mark Packard
Tag Sale: Barbara Theurkauf

Our Community

Town Of Glastonbury

For information about town meetings, events and town offices, please visit the Town of Glastonbury’s website.

CT Museum Of
Culture And History

This museum was formerly named the Connecticut Historical Society and has a vast collection of the history of Connecticut, including Glastonbury. Visit website.

Glastonbury Town
Center Initiative

The GTCI promotes a more vital, walkable town center and offers events throughout the year to connect residents, businesses and recreation opportunities in town. Visit website.

Glastonbury / Rocky Hill Ferry

From May to November, the Glastonbury/Rocky Hill Ferry crosses the Connecticut River in South Glastonbury at the oldest known continuously operating ferry site in the United States.

River Bend Book Shop

Our newest tenant at the Welles-Chapman Tavern and we are excited to welcome them to their new home. Please visit their website for store hours and events.

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